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Coaching sessions support individuals in achieving the desired results by raising self-awareness and taking responsibility. The coaching sessions are conducted by a qualified coach who delves into the depths through asking the right questions to find creative solutions in line with the needs of the individual. Coaching has many benefits, including:

     Raising self-awareness

     Increasing the sense of responsibility

     The ability to choose and make decisions

     Finding creative solutions

     Setting and achieving goals

     Improving social relationships 

Coaching sessions are one of the most effective practices for positive change in the individual. The coach helps the individual become aware of things and then identify the effective steps through which he will achieve what he wants. Through coaching sessions, especially if they are on a long-term basis, the individual's life changes positively into a life stamped by harmony with his inclinations, passions, values, and purpose of life.

With Octarium’s service environment, you will feel at ease to ask an expert who can help you whenever you feel the need.

It is wise to know the limits of your capabilities and to seek help and advice when needed. Do not neglect or ignore the problem, whether it is small or large. All problems deserve discussion and solution. For that, Octarium provides consulting services for you to book your consulting session with us and get adequate help so that we can start working on improving your life.

We offer a variety of different consulting services for all society segments. After you take the advice you need, you will feel satisfied with the quality of our services delivered by the most professional family consultants, and you will be happy with your decision to get to know us and enjoy our services, we are always here to help you achieve what you want.

The first step to improving your life is getting to know yourself.

Scales of all kinds help you get to know yourself better. The scale score shows you important details about your personality, behavior growth, strengths, and areas for improvement. Scales enable the individual to know information that may be difficult for him to know without a scale. Thus, the individual benefits from this information for development and improvement in various areas of life.

Here in Octarium, we offer many diverse tests that aim to give you a better idea on ​​the details of your personality and behavior. These tests will benefit you in improving your personal, career, and social life.


DISC Assessment

Emotional Intelligence (EIQ)

DISC 360 Assessment 

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The training courses aim to provide you with essential information and skills in the field of coaching and self-development.

The training courses aim to provide you with essential information and skills in the field of coaching and self-development. The courses that we offer at Octarium serve individuals to gain what helps them raise the level of their life quality.

More than 100 internationally accredited meetings, workshops, and training courses were delivered on a variety of different topics, which were attended by nearly 900 people.

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