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Birkman assessment is considered one of the most powerful, comprehensive, and reliable tools in assessment. It has been developed for more than 65 years. Millions of people from thousands of companies have taken this assessment with more than 50 million reports exported. The Birkman results contain more than 40 reports for each client and the reports focuses on two main areas: relationships and career path.

Birkman and Raising Awareness

The Birkman assessment report contains valuable information that increases self-awareness. Information about needs, behavior in normal circumstances, and behavior under stress are some of the aspects that Birkman highlights in the report. With this information, the coach is able to partner with the client to understand the different aspects of his behavior and its measurements. In addition, the report will assist clients to learn more about his passion, interest, and type of tasks he prefers. Also, the client will be able to identify the type of environment suitable for his character.

Birkman and Managing Needs

Using the Birkman assessment report as a valuable source of information, the coach will conduct sessions with the client that enable him to not only raise awareness but to identify the various sources available to satisfy his needs and manage his behavior smoothly.

Birkman and Passion

The Birkman assessment report provides detailed and beneficial information on the client’s passion. This will assist the client to take important life decisions including study and career path and the most suitable work environment.

Birkman and Relationships

The Birkman assessment report is a valuable source of information in building and maintaining relationships between two people. The client will learn areas of strengths and weakness. Through coaching sessions, the client will be engaged in a constructive conversation to identify the ways in which to support and sustain the relationship.

Birkman and Work Relationships

The relationship part of the Birkman assessment report is also useful to understand the communication style of the client and his relationship with others at work. This information can help build strong and efficient teams within the company. In addition, the report can assist managers to identify the motivation source for each member of the team. It allows for the development of a common language through which disagreements and differences can be discussed. This will lead to conflict resolution. Finally, the report provides the area of training needed for employee development.

Birkman and Employment

The career part of the Birkman assessment report shows how the client responds to similar questions answered by satisfied employees in more than 18 job categories and for more than 100 job titles. It also gives an indication of how the client will be able to handle stress at work and tasks associated with management positions. This information is useful for organizations in hiring, selecting and promoting. In general, the report provides valuable information in any situation related to jobs and career.

Birkman is helpful in:

  • Improving communication skills
  • Increasing management effectiveness
  • Building strong coherent teams and reducing conflicts
  • Increasing sales
  • Enhancing employment process
  • Discovering employees’ potentials which leads to increasing performance
  • Reducing turnover
  • Improving job descriptions to contain detailed job tasks

The Birkman assessment report contains nine main interests: artistic, scientific, literary, technical, musical, persuasion skills, administration, numerical, and social services.

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